Blackberry is my focus

My Focus

It’s been late tonight. I can’t sleep because i have slept for a half hour before, so I woke up and start up my laptop. Gotcha, mico has been there and then we’re discussing about our next project. He lost the focus because he has many many projects. So I suggested him to focus in one are .. just one area, and we’ll build the strong competencies there. And then we make a deal that we will focus in just one are … Enterprise Blackberry Apps ! That’s my resolution in new year 2011.

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My Work in the first day 2011

Okay, this is my first note in 2011. Hopefully I will get blessing from Allah with my work today.
There are some activities today:
1. Meeting with Mr. Yaya dan Mr. Rizal to discuss about TOR and Justification for SDLC project from IBM. The conclusion is we have to extend the license of RDC because we don’t have good justification to directly order one vendor.
2. I’m learning about TOGAF. Wow, it’s very complicated concept. I hope someday I will be TOGAF champion.
3. Send email to Mrs. Chrisna about the plan to EITA training.
4. Send email to Mr. Riswan about the plan of TOGAF certification training.

That’s all.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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